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On a sunny day, they are there down the river for a paddle up pornoxo the sun and there is a track where banks fell to a level several places that have opted for a little privacy for people who go there because form, so let's go for one of these places you can see, if you do, it is customary to leave something in the bank that people see, there was a couple in the middle of the line, we caught up and gave us for a few minutes later, a man we know as Dave and had met for sex a few times in the recent past and said hello to us has been led by the park, where we met with him at night, Teresa had sex with him and continued until he was invited to sit with us, Teresa had her blouse reveals her breasts in a bikini nicely wrapped up, while in front of him, I could tell, he was naked then got up and opened her mini skirt and put on their beautiful curves, I could see Dave running the point of viewg his eyes on his body, which he laid bare seen several times in the past anyway so we're all fresh, were with him anyway towel Teresa among us was in the back shows what a body how nice it is a real woman's body with curves in all the right places and then he said, is to rub the oil on me? I knew she was looking for something fun, so I told David after taking the oil and poured some in her hand she turned to Teresa for the first time, began in the shoulders, but the tapes were Teresa always the way it came back and opened his shirt and pulled the straps slowly rubbing the oil in making sure that it moves sideways, even to the lower back and on her slim waist as from the side it came down to the fingertips site was on top of her bikini a little, do not know what he was doing, but I took a hard hit, saw his side went on the legs of pornoxo the base of limesee restoration by pornoxo one leg at a time when I was at the top, worked on the bikini line, sliding your finger inside of her thigh and left again just let your finger under the bikini line to succeed in cheek and again inside her pussy thighs brushing once or twice through their platforms at this time I was pornoxo completely put me in the sight of another pornoxo man rubs his body like Teresa lay with the head in front of me with his eyes closed all the time to enjoy Dave has stopped spinning, and we chatted a while about a couple of cans of beer he had brought, as we said, you can customize the front and do it without the belt and handed security, but it is impossible to keep pornoxo her breasts under the control and fell and went back to pornoxo where it says, good! He took very revealing her large breasts and fully erect nipples Dave said, where are going to start from me, said at the top again, quickly took out his oily hands on your upper chestto the shoulders and arms slightly back with the pornoxo forearm in the chest brushes the start, ran a hand through his soft under and around the valley between the bottom then brush the same way then I had to wait a bit pornoxo downhill on the edge of your company cupping them, rubbing in a circular motion which gives a gentle squeeze and again, sliding her nipples between his fingers, slowly moved over her belly and on top of your new bikini sliding your finger under the band was one of them a little more this time in the hair of her pussy this time I see Teresa breathing deeply as it is now able to move the legs, back to work from the bottom up to be when he to the top of her thighs slid his hands over the back, gently touches her pussy through her knees slightly off the ground Teresa did the same thing again, but you brush your teeth a little harder this time, a margin wideStrengthening this time, given a fixed rub pornoxo repeatedly turned it something I said he needs a little more in my stomach to put more oil in his hand and began to rub her lower stomach as he slid his fingers on the top that could expand its knees and slid his hand was in bikini Bottom until his fingers between her legs I could see her fingers working her pussy under the cloth, which extended its knees as far as I rubbed my stiff cock see this incredible scene, he leaned pornoxo over and kissed her, while he caught his finger finger pussy pulled back into it and wriggled with pleasure, I could see his cock bulging in his shorts she moved her free hand and slid over his pants, I could see his hand working up and down his cock, she made me a kiss and said I want to fuck your ass and lifted the towel and relieved at the bottom of her bikini and pulled them out he did the same with his pants short int is bent over him and took his cockor mouth and started sucking him while he is in your breasts, played a little while later he pushed her gently down on the towel, she raised her knees and spread her pussy, offered him kneeling between his legs and left their support with one hand put the other between her legs pornoxo and guided his cock into her, slid easily slide to the end of the first time, she moaned as he reached the top, kissed her deeply, as his hard cock came and went with a steady rhythm, I got so I could see a significant penetration and knelt with my shorts penis straw slowly seen me slip in and out of it, must come from the observed ones, but do not have wished miss what we did well there were some other couples, but we are not just pages could not hear, Teresa feet from the ground up and brought her knees to enable it again, to deepen it and put it up orne of his legs on his shoulders up his butt on the floor and plunged his cock into her, she gave a loud groan Those who were closest to us, was to quiet you could hear blows against his laughter Teresa heard people started making more noise now I knew he was about to cum she was in the midst of extreme joy and did not care, I was on my knees to see if anyone was present to the sight of a few a bit on the bench standing and laughing trying to figure out where the noise came, I climbed back in time to see Teresa cum she arched her back and let out a loud oooooooooooh ! And a few lines later, Dave became quieter, got deeply into it and spoke in his going so far as he could, while he shot his sperm deep inside, that's when I came and shot the grass pornoxo when there finished downloading the legs of the shoulders down and lay there with his penis still in which put their arms around him and hooked her legs over the back pornoxo of his legs, was slowly rolling her hips in the front and rear to facilitate the last of his semen, as he turned his head toward me was with a smile of happiness on his face and a look of love for me. Dave out and told you, if the two told me not to do, got dressed and went as he said, hope to meet again soon, he said, not left to chance and I gave him my phone number, Teresa left brain was still naked, she looked beautiful, she asked him to cum true, I said what you do now ? can go home and clean I asked her, only her blouse and skirt, why use ? He called his superior sees through her skirt and only covers the butt I want you cross-eyed, dressed them, like me, and said, broke along the coast as we approached the bay next to the throughout the couple we were saying hello, could have been his piercing eyes of his superior when we look back and had me, stripped me Teresa smiledwhen I heard the girl say there are three of them! Dave have again several times, in fact, jeopardize the potential sites in other men and we have a lot of fun that pornoxo way, but that's another story to see bone
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